Mary Sew I (ENG)

Mary Sew I (ENG)


Year: 2017
Language: Spanish
Co-writer: M. Domínguez
Co-writer: Una Anguila
Illustrator: Patricia Ramón
ISBN-10: 154289963X
ISBN-13: 978-1542899635

👻 Genre: Comedy horror for teenagers and adults

“No one knows where she’s from.
No one knows her reasons.
But when night falls behind closed doors
it’s now time for hunting season.
Sheltered by the dark and the element of surprise,
the little figure is aiming for her prize.
Dare if you may read this tale,
and keep your conscience and a light on.
Turn the lights off if you feel bold,
and you might get visited by Mary Sew.”

Mary sew is an illustrated book in the style of a children’s book, but with a more macabre intention. It tells, in rhymes, of the misadventures of a living doll who wants to take a victim, while using classic horror movie tricks.
We got inspired by the television shows we watched as children, mixed with the first world problems of our generation.

Available in paperback and digital at Amazon.

📚 This project was selected to participate at Cartoon Network’s Pitch Room, at Creative Fest 2016 in Mexico City.